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The story behind Planet Sun

Some words about history of Planet Sun. For round about six years Planet Sun has been an aggregation of public weblogs written by employees of Sun Microsystems. Though it never was a product or publication of Sun Microsystems itself. The website was powered by Planet and run by David Edmondson. On 01 Mar 2010 David decided to shut down Planet Sun, as Sun Microsystems did no longer exist – it’s now a subsidiary of Oracle. Btw, at you will find Oracle Planets, perhaps you’ll find some interesting news or information there.

Hello test world!

Come on, let’s test again, as we did last summer. This here is a simple test. Usually we would start with a warm welcome post, but now its just for test purpose. It is normally the first wordpress posting, the well known “hello world” post. And though it should have been edited or deleted long before, now it will be updated with some new text. We started blogging some years ago. But now we link to the 30k international testpage and to the additional 22k international testpage. Thats all. This was a special entry. Nothing more to say.

Come on. Let’s save our planet. Renewable energy is the future. Nature is everything.

And testing is somewhat more.