Happy Day! One more time that we will test the web. And searchengines. With a new testpage. This testpage is a simple experiment for link velocity and it is named the planetsun midbiotest. Hopefully this linkanchor will show up in GSC soon. If this will happen, the next step will be some disavow and rel nofollow action. In order to test several cases there must be some more linking. Therefore i wrote the next sequence with woodstockq9. I am not sure whether this is enough, but we will see and perhaps I will come back to this page and add some more strange stuff 😉

In the meantime it would be nice for the 100K Linklist to expand the former test. What a great chance.

Hopefully this now updated experiment will work. A long anchortest 123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567 that perhaps will show up in GSC. 21.02.2018. 1:00 time /date.

And here at the end comes a little nofollow test. Pointing at Planetsun Nofollow and another one at seoxyzatest nofollow. I like Omikron und Epsilon. let’s hope it will work 😉